Saturday Morning Session (Five Hours)

Three separate lectures will be offered
Instructor: Dr. Harry A Green, Psy.D.; Lt. Kevin M. Flanagan, NJSP (Ret); Hon. Thomas M. North, PJMC (Vicinage XV); Hon. William J. Golden, JMC; Hon. Thomas G. Heim, JMC
Location: Gloucester County Fire Training Academy
PACLE: 4.0
NJCLE: 5.2
CPE: 5.0
Time: 8:35 AM
Date: April 6, 2019

Assessing Risk in the Context of Family and Criminal Court Proceedings:  There are a number of instances in which mental health experts are called upon to offer opinions regarding the risk an individual poses to engage in certain forms of violence.  This presentation will explore the history of risk assessment and provide an overview of the various methods and associated strengths and weaknesses of modern risk assessment tools.  The discussion will focus particularly on Megan's Law removal, child pornography and domestic violence.  

Alcotest®9510; Standardized Field Sobriety Test:  This seminar will cover the Alcotest® 9510, Dräger Corporation’s latest and most advanced breath alcohol measuring instrument for evidential applications.  It is designed to comply with national and international requirements and regulations. The instrument has dual sensor technology, intuitive color touch screen interface, and modern design.  The strengths and weaknesses of this machine and its use by law enforcement will be discussed.  The other topic that will be addressed is the SFST.  Psychophysical tests known as Divided Attention tests will be explained.  Included will be an examination of the three SFSTs: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk-and-Turn, and the One-Leg Stand.

Municipal Court – The Most Important Court in New Jersey:  This seminar will include discussions on territorial and subject matter jurisdiction; practice and procedure including attorney ethics requirements, professionalism and case preparedness; DUI substantive issues; expungements and post-conviction relief applications and the current status of hearing minor marijuana violations.